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Ladore is a weekend-long Christadelphian bible retreat camp for young people who are turning 13 or older this year. Held on the first weekend of February, Ladore hopes to offer a light of encouragement and warm friendships during the winter months. 

Held in North-Eastern Pennsylvania, Ladore is a weekend of winter fun, friendships, and a strong tie to God’s word. Each year a presenter is invited to speak on a topic that will help encourage and guide the young people on their walk towards God’s Kingdom.

Ladore is run by Christadelphians and has been hosted by several different Christadelphian Ecclesias in the Mid-Atlantic/New England area. Ladore is open to all Christadelphian young people and interested friends.

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One of the main goals of the Ladore study weekend is to help encourage bonds in the truth between young people in our community. With this goal in mind, we offer a few special tools to help encourage these friendships and bring each other closer to God. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to stay updated on our plans for the coming year!

Photos from Ladore