Volunteer for Camp Ladore!

Fill in the form below if you are interested in helping out with Camp Ladore. Once you have filled in your form, we will reach out to you with more details about the role you volunteered for! Please Volunteer for as many roles are you feel comfortable doing. Make sure you register before you fill out this form.


Cabin Leader

Must be 21 years old or older. Cabin Leaders are in charge of the attendees in their cabin, making sure that they are engaged and included during the camp. It is expected that Cabin Leaders will stay in the bunks with the campers and are also in charge of keeping their cabins clean and doing a final sweep of their cabins on Sunday afternoon to make sure nothing is left behind. Cabin Leaders are encouraged to bring a game and/or snacks for their cabin.


This role is not limited to one person. If you would like to play a hymn but not play for the entire weekend, please just make a note in the comments section on the form below. The Pianist is encouraged to learn the Camp Song (Music will be provided), as well as support and help lead a hymn sing during the afternoon break on Saturday.


Must be a baptized brother. The Devotional Leader is responsible for preparing and presenting a 5-10 minute devotion late Saturday evening (At the campfire, weather permitting).

Saturday Night Bible Reading Leader

Must be a baptized brother. Three readings are available. Brothers who help lead the Saturday Night Bible Readings read one of the daily readings for the camp and then helps lead a discussion on their assigned reading. 

Cleanup Crew

The Cleanup Crew is responsible for helping keep the camp clean throughout the weekend. Specifically, sweeping out the main hall Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, picking up trash around the camp, and removing trash from the main hall when the trash cans become full. 


The photographer is responsible for taking photos throughout the weekend that can be shared on the CYC Camp website and social media pages. The Camp Photographer is also responsible for helping coordinate a group camp photo on Sunday afternoon before lunch. 

Breakfast Team

The Breakfast Team is responsible for setting up, making, and bringing food for breakfast on Sunday Morning. NOTE: This role requires the volunteers to be up and ready to start breakfast at 7:00 AM on Sunday morning

Snacks Coordinator

Snacks Coordinators are responsible for bringing and setting up snacks on Saturday. 

Hot Drinks Coordinator

Hot Drinks Coordinators are responsible for making sure that hot drinks are available during the weekend. This includes brewing coffee and making sure the hot water kettle is filled.

Hike Leader

This is a new optional activity that we have planned for this year. The Hike Leader will lead a group hike down to the waterfall at the camp during the afternoon break. The goal here is to provide an option for those who might not know how to get to the waterfall, not have a group to walk down with, or anyone who wants to be a part of a bigger group. Attendees are still welcome to walk down to the waterfall on their own if they choose.

Crafts Coordinator

The Crafts Coordinator will plan and bring organized crafts for attendees to do during the afternoon break. This is an optional activity during the break.

Campfire Coordinator

Must be 18 or older. Experience with large campfires is highly recommended. The camp has given us the approval to have a campfire on Saturday evening. Wood will be provided. The Campfire coordinator is responsible for preparing, starting, and managing the campfire. They are also in charge of fire safety, making sure that others are acting responsibly around the fire. Camp Ladore can get very cold, and this will be our source of heat during the hymn singing and the devotion, weather permitting. 

Board Game Coordinator

Bring and organize board games in the main lodge during the afternoon break on Saturday. Some basic board games will be provided.

Football Coordinator

Bring a football, pick teams, and make sure no one gets hurt!