The Registration Fee for Camp Ladore 2024 will be $85 USD per attendee due upon arrival at camp. This year, no deposit will be required when registering. 

Payment can be made online, by mail, or by cash/cheque at the camp. Please make all cheques out to The Baltimore Christadelphians.

Please do not let the cost of the camp keep you from coming. Support is available. If you need help covering the costs of the camp, please send us a note by using the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page and we will let you know how we can help.

The Lodge and Annex Rooms

GUARDIANS AND PARENTS:  Please note, the Ladore Lodge will not be available to our group again this year. If you would like to stay somewhere other than the cabins, please plan your own accommodation off-site or book an annex room on the registration form. Parents and Guardians staying off-site should provide a way to contact them and stay within 30 minutes of the camp.

PLEASE DO NOT BOOK ANNEX ROOMS THROUGH THE FACILITY. Camp Ladore has asked that we handle organizing the annex rooms to simplify the process. The Registration Fee for attendees staying either off-site or in the Annex Rooms is $53 USD per attendee.  An Annex Room reservation will be an additional $180 per room. (A couple staying in an Annex room would pay $53 x 2 + $180 at $286 for the room)


If the attendee is under 18 years old, please download and fill out a Medical Release Form and email the completed form to

Guardians must be 18 years or older, available to help in case of a medical emergency, and willing to drive the attendee home if needed. Camp Ladore does not have designated counselors, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to keep track of the attendee while at camp.

Please fill out a Registration Form for each person who is planning on attending, attendee or guardian. 
See Camp Rules